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RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tribal Cannabis Consulting, an industry leader in native policy and business development, has expanded its services to include marketing and sales. As one of the preeminent national firms specializing in the development of tribal marijuana programs in collaboration with federal and state governments, it was natural for the group to pivot its expertise to the business to consumer sector.

Joshua Sells, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tribal Cannabis Consulting, helps tribes bring competitive brands to market successfully. “Not only do we help sovereign Indian nations navigate licensing, but we help tribes in the post-license phase, from developing products to packaging and promotions,” stated Sells.

Tribal Cannabis Consulting also assists tribes with the development of distribution and logistics channels, diversifying retail, and establishing a wholesale network by working closely with the state licensed establishments, as well as reciprocating by carrying state licensed establishments in the tribal stores.

The progressive organization is the first multi-state cannabis enforcement agency in the U.S. that provides regulatory structure, third party enforcement, and resources so newly formed native cannabis businesses can thrive.

Tribal Cannabis Consulting laid the groundwork for the ITCC , (Inter-Tribal Cannabis Commission) with chapters in California and Nevada. “Many of the tribes we work with are eager to expand into new markets and work with us on digital marketing, branding, and design,” explained Sells.

Tribal Cannabis Consulting recently launched Tumutzkewae Nobe, a line of premium distillate cannabis cartridges developed by the Walker River Paiute tribes of Nevada.

Established in 2014, Tribal Cannabis Consulting provides a network of compliance-driven resources for native and non-native marijuana businesses through its seed-to-sale tracking technology, government policy initiatives, and inter-tribal cannabis commissions.

“The development of a true, real time seed to sale tracking developed by Tribal Cannabis Consulting and Barnet gives the tribes the ability to build and robustly regulate cannabis as strictly if not more stick then any State program without allowing the state to extend their jurisdiction onto trust land,” stated Joe Dice, co-founder and CEO of Tribal Cannabis Consulting.

For more information, visit tribalcannabisconsulting.com.

About Tribal Cannabis Consulting:

Tribal Cannabis Consulting was founded in Nevada in 2014. The agency provides quality solutions to native and non-native businesses to start or further their existence in the marijuana industry by providing a full spectrum of services, from capital investments and funding development strategies, to consultations and complete development partnerships. The company’s team of expert consultants include former industry owners and operators from throughout the United States that understand the unique challenges marijuana businesses on tribal lands face today. For more information, visit tribalcannabisconsulting.com

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